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Guidance on Lifting Operations

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Published in May 2015


This document gives guidance of lifting operations. It describes types of equipment to support lifting, whose responsible for safe practice and recording safety checks.


  •  Lifting operations should be considered a high risk activity and the consequences should
    something go wrong can be very serious.
  • Any incident involving the collapse, overturning or failure of load‐bearing parts of lifts and
    lifting equipment is reportable under RIDDOR
  • Lifting Equipment is defined as ‘work equipment for lifting and lowering loads’
  • Attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting it and accessories such as strops,
    chains are also included
  • All lifts must be planned and supervised and follow a safe system of work
  • ‘Routine’ lifts can be carried out under a single robust lift plan /method statement
  • Complex and Standard lifts may be better procured out as a ‘Contract Lift’