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Thank you for applying to become a Member of the AGS.

Please take the time to fill out the form below. This information will be sent to the Membership Committee for review and a decision communicated to you after the next quarterly meeting of the Executive Committee who formally approve applications. In order to allow the Membership Committee to review applications sufficiently, applications submitted 6 weeks in advance of the earliest Executive Committee meeting will be considered. Please see important dates below:

Deadline for Applications

Q4 – Tuesday 13th October 2020
Q1 – Tuesday 29th December 2020
Q2 – Tuesday 11th May 2021
Q3 – Tuesday 17th August 2021
Q4 – Tuesday 19th October 2021

The given information will also form the basis of your directory entry on this website. You will be able to edit and add more detail to this entry to help promote your business once your application has been accepted.

Please be aware that an application fee applies to cover the costs of administration, this will be processed on submitting your information through this website.

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Business Experience and Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Practitioners

(see Byelaws Article 3 for all definitions) These numbers will appear in the Membership Directory and be used for subscription purposes.

People / Practitioners / Graduates


You are asked to demonstrate that you have a commitment to set, maintain and enhance quality standards and procedures for the Industry and thereby to improve the quality of professional services.

Applicant Support

The Byelaws require Applicant Personal Members to be supported by a Proposer and Seconder.

Applicant Members must be supported by existing Members.

Applicant Affiliates must be supported by two existing Members, or an existing Member and an Affiliate.

Applicant Personal Members must be supported by existing Members or an existing Member and a Personal Member.

Please indicate Members able to support this application, who will be approached by the AGS Membership Panel.

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Payment of the non-refundable application fee (£53+VAT) can be made through our checkout.

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