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AGS Ground Risk Conference – Speaker Presentations

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The AGS Ground Risk Conference was held on 12th September 2018 at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London.

Special thanks to the sponsors of the conference:
Soil Engineering, AmbiSense, Envirolab, Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical and Environmental Associates (GEA), In Situ Site Investigation, Landmark Information, Quantum Geotechnical and Structural Soils.

Special thanks also to the speakers of the Conference. The Presentations from AGS Ground Risk Conference can be viewed below;

1. AGS Ground Risk Introduction – Neil Parry

2. AGS Ground Risk Geotechnical Session – Stephen West

3. Ground Risk – Where do I start? – Dr Jackie Skipper

4. ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai, Risk Management for a Deep Basement Excavation – Andrew Smith

5. The Application of ACSW Data to Managing Ground Risk – Chris Milne

6. Identifying and Minimising Risk Through a Value Engineered Geotechnical Solution – Eric Downey

7. 36 hours inside Queen Street Tunnel, Glasgow – Managing Risk – Eric Downey

8. AGS Ground Risk Geoenviromental Session – Vivien Dent

9. An Overview of Legal Developments under Part IIA and Contaminated Land – Stephen Tromans, QC

10. Ground Gas Risk – The Risk from Incorrect Characterisation – Gavin Allsopp

11. Waste Classification for Soils – An AGS Practitioners’ Guide – Mike Plimmer

12. Creosote-Tar Seepage Portslade Beach – George Flower